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Welcome to our Backcountry Food Blog. We will be posting links to our bio on our Instagram account and posting the link to Facebook every time we add new content here. Be sure to give us a follow on those platforms so you can keep up with what we have to offer. 

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Food Reviews

Our food reviews are both text and video based, reviewing different foods. In this blog, we review breakfast meals, lunches/dinners, bars, snacks, drink mixes, instant coffees, and more. But, not only will we be reviewing these foods… we also want to hear reviews from you! We accept text write-ups and videos on food reviews. If your content is chosen, we will share them on our blogs and our social media platforms.

Tips and Tricks

Our food tips and tricks blog will consist of many different tips and tricks for dealing with food while out hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and exploring. This is one of our favorite topics to discuss, and we love talking tips and tricks! We are also accepting text and videos on different tips and tricks. And, if your content is selected, we will be sharing it to our website and social media platforms!

DIY Recipes

Our DIY recipes page consists of different recipes that you can prepare at home, so that you can take them out on your next adventure. We love all the different selections of dehydrated and freeze-dried foods available, but sometimes it is nice to have a home cooked meal that you prepared yourself and can take with you. So, that is where this page will focus. We are accepting text write-ups and videos on this topic as well. If your content is selected, we will also be sharing it to our website and social media platforms!

Backcountry Food Reviews

Backcountry Food Tips

DIY Backcountry Recipes

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